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UK – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy is facing new challenges like never before, to top it up with the uncertainty of Brexit, the unemployment rate is standing at it’s highest in many years. Ultimately unemployment is driven by decline in sales, companies have no options but to reduce staff to keep the businesses running. Our existence is to solve this issue by driving more sales and creating more business opportunities for the UK businesses.

H.K – The UK government has offered excellent opportunities for these who wish to immigrate to the UK. (Link) Many Hong Kong people are considering starting their new UK Life, but also face many challenges. Our business is here to assist them, we have gathered all the resources, from improving their English skills, understanding the way of like in the UK, oversea removal service, estate agents, solicitors, car dealers, accountants and many more even including collection service from arrival at airport. We are a one stop site for all they need.

UKNewlife established in 2020. Based both in the UK and HK, We understand the way of life in both countries and provide a solid foundation for connecting both sides.

As we face our biggest challenge in recent years. Together, we can face it positively and turn this crisis into opportunity. Your business can be presented in front of all the Hong Kong people who are considering immigrating to the UK. In just a few clicks, follow the simple steps by registering with us and expand your business opportunities now.  

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